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Love & Relationship Coach

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I’m Aina Adler - mother of two, film & theater actor, and love & relationship coach.


I remember, not too long ago, being in a toxic dating relationship, twisting myself out of shape, trying to be something I thought the other person wanted… Only to get dumped once again & be thrust back into an all-too-familiar life of being perpetually single, passed over, feeling embarrassed and like a loser, and “knowing” no one wanted me. 


Then, I got in touch with what is uniquely powerful, lovable and attractive about me. 


I met my husband less than two weeks later, and we’ve been together for over 11 years since. 


Now, with over 4,000 hours of experience in coaching people to thrive in relationships, I am extremely well-versed in the challenges people face when embarking on finding “the one.” 


Many people have no idea what goods they’re bringing to the table - what makes them truly special and magnetic.


This is the reason why you haven’t found the one for you. You’ve been busy, trapped in seeking superficial love - not your unique soul mate. 


You need to identify what’s blocking you from the person who’s out there right now. There’s a person specifically looking for those traits only YOU bring to the table.


You need to tap in to what is uniquely & irresistibly attractive about YOU.


What is your Magnetic Attraction Factor?