Laura Hansen

Coach, Sex Educator, & Nurse

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My passion is for women healing women. As a Registered Nurse and Sex Educator, I have gained valuable perspectives which bridge the medical world with the spiritual realm, but what really lights me up is the idea that we already have what we need to heal ourselves, inside ourselves!


For years I traversed through numerous therapists, 12-step groups and self-development programs looking for healing from my sexual trauma, abandonment issues, failed relationships, and a seemingly endless state of grief. I am so thankful for everything I learned in those years and would never say that they aren’t beautiful and in fact vital tools for healing, but for me they were only side trails that would eventually lead me to the path to the peace and contentment I was seeking.


I am not perfect, healed, or living without any stress, but I can tell you that just a few months ago I was hopeless, wracked with anxiety, fighting constantly with the people I loved, and experiencing heart palpitations so frequently I was scheduling an appointment with a cardiologist. Through my work in the Freedom and Bliss Program, however, I was able to see the barriers to my health and happiness and with the support of the group I removed those barriers, one by one, and implemented new practices of love and acceptance for myself. 


The result is that I am living in a whole new experience of myself, one where I feel safe to be vulnerable and honest; where I have discovered peace lives within me all of the time and I just have to find my way back to it; where I see my Self and my body as beautiful, sexy, strong and desirable for the first time in my life; and one where the voices in my head which used to torture and ridicule me are now easily identified and quieted so that I can fall head over heels in love with who I already am.


If my journey resonates with you, please book a time to talk about where in your life you are longing for healing, wholeness, and fulfillment.