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Natalie is one of the coaches for the Freedom & Bliss program.

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In the not so distant past I was routinely waking up in the middle of the night in a white hot panic; drenched in sweat, heart racing, feeling like I might die. How was this my life? I had done everything “right.” I had a great job (which I secretly hated). I owned a couple of houses, had the freedom to travel whenever I wanted, and was lucky enough to have a great family. 

Flash forward, I got seriously sick and spent months bedridden. I was paying a hefty price for the years of pretending and performing. 

If we're being honest with one another, I’ve always felt like the odd one out. My brain works in different ways which is both a positive and a negative. It was an asset at work because I could see ways to fix problems no one else could. But I struggled with a very strange duality of being both well-spoken, while also having crippling social anxiety that would leave me tongue tied at times. It was embarrassing. People looked past it because my ideas were good. I continued to get promoted. Eventually at work, I found myself playing a role that wasn’t me, and I didn’t know how to stop. I discovered that if you don’t stop and rest, the universe will step in and make you do it. That’s what happened when I got sick. 

I’ll never forget that cold February morning. I was walking downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee. It was freezing in the house. I had to sit down half way down the steps because I was so winded. Wasn’t I too young and in shape for this?  How was this happening?  It was at that moment I realized I was at a crossroads. Something had to change. I couldn’t continue on like this. I picked myself up off that step and decided I was going to do whatever was necessary to heal myself. So I did. The process of physically healing my body took another couple of months. Soon enough I was back in the office and miserable again. So I did what made sense to me at the time, I left my job.

I cleared my schedule for the next several months and did a deep internal dive. I slowed way down and did a ton of intense inner healing work.

I discovered I had been living someone else’s life; thinking that if I did all of the “right stuff” it would eventually lead to happiness. Spoiler alert - NOPE. It didn’t. What I failed to admit to myself was that none of that “right stuff” was important to me. I love people. I facilitate clarity and healing and always have. Not surprisingly, my life went off the rails when I got away from those truths.

After following my new plan for a short time, I noticed an exponential change in my capacity to experience peace, contentment, and joy. I now live my life from this flow state. And you can too!

My calling is that people live their highest expression. I am deeply spiritual, highly intuitive, and have been from a very young age. I’m clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and I use those tools in my coaching. I listen keenly to what a client says. 


I combine my love of people and my intuitive abilities to remove fear, emotional trauma, and other wounds that want to be healed.  I create a safe sacred partnership with my clients to uncover the radiance and power that was always shyly hiding under the surface waiting for this moment to be unleashed. 

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