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We are several coaches and healers whose mission is to heal the world. Yes, it’s grandiose, but we are up for the task. Here is how we are doing it:


  • Facilitate the Freedom & Bliss Program. In this program, people go through a deep mind, body, spirit transformation to fully align with their Authentic Self. The program elements are group coaching, private coaching, meditation instruction, and habit tracking. These combine to transform internal energetic systems and external lifestyles. The result is deep healing and shifts that free people to live inside of an effortless flow state. 

  • Give Freedom & Bliss participants the tools to create lucrative coaching and healing businesses (because why should healers have to struggle financially?). 

  • We believe that organizations have the greatest impact on healing the planet. Their decisions impact the environment, employees, shareholders, customers, and the local communities in which they operate. Therefore, we provide the following services:

-Executive Coaching and Consulting to elevate the Consciousness of Executives and their organizations. A higher level of consciousness enables organizations to become responsible stewards for all stakeholders.

-Corporate Wellness programs where each employee receives a fitness tracker and personal coach. This reduces insurance costs as well as increases employee performance and retention.

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What is next for us:


  1. Build a comprehensive network of gifted coaches, holistic healers and preventative practitioners. This provides people who are seeking alternatives to the current healthcare system a centralized hub to explore and experience alternative healing modalities. 

  2. Create spiritual healing centers. A place where people can come, relax, and be introduced to various forms of holistic medicine. 

  3. For each dollar that comes into the business, we are planting trees in deforested areas around the world.

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