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Larger Groups and Organizations

Corporate Wellness


Wellness is a journey beyond just the food we put on our plate.  More important than that are the things that feed us in our lives.  Our wellness programs give employees a space to explore both of these areas.  Our offerings include customized programs that align with your organization’s culture and two unique "off the shelf" options that drive accountability and help employees achieve their goals on this journey.  


These include Restore Resilience which focuses on self care and mental health; and Restore Health, which focuses on health coaching.  Employees will get the tools to help them set goals and achieve those goals. 


Coach Michelle will work closely with your leadership and Human Resources teams to design programs that fit within your culture and budget. All of our programs include one-on-one coaching for accountability.  We can also show results through real data and biometrics, so you know that you're not only creating a strong culture of wellness, you're helping your employees bring their best selves to work and to life.

We have put together an organizational wellness assessment to help you start thinking about organizational wellness. You can take the assessment here.

Executive Coaching


There's something that people rarely talk about in leadership development: the most effective leaders vibrate at a very distinct resonant frequency.


This resonance creates an environment in which their people can connect and work inside of a flow state, unlocking extraordinary innovation, performance and loyalty.  It's something that absolutely can't be faked; or people immediately disengage, and can be sensed at all times.


After 20 years of working with military generals and business executives, John has mapped the resonance level to three interrelated developmental spectrums: Integrity, Spiritual Maturity, and the Capacity to Love.


We work with business leaders to accelerate their growth process across these spectrums and elevate their resonant frequency. If this seems right for you or your organization, then please click to schedule time to talk further.  

Natalie is also available for business coaching.

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