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Danielle Lucido

Leadership Transformation Coach


I would love to connect and learn your story! 

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Danielle Lucido joins the Freedom & Bliss Healing Network as a Leadership Transformation Coach. She specializes in aligning people and leaders to their truth and power so they can amplify their impact in the world and totally transform their lives, their communities, and their businesses. As a strategic business leader with 20 years of experience leading small to mid-sized organizations, she enjoys helping her clients sort through the chaos & clutter to find the best route forward.  The catalyst that sparks Danielle’s coaching and facilitation style is the unwavering quest to ignite the divine spark with her clients, so they make the most of life with more health, wealth, love and abundance, no matter their history.


A fun fact about Danielle is that she has truly embraced a balanced work/life since becoming a full-fledged digital nomad, having traveled across the country and back, but settling for the moment in FL.  

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