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Singer, dancer, actor - Yogi?


Believe me. I, of all people - an Atheist Jew from Massachusetts with a degree in Musical Theater - was the last one to ever imagine 'Spirituality' would become the polestar of my life. But, here we are! And I couldn't be more grateful for having stumbled onto this path.


Life, for me, was like wearing a series of costumes that never fit quite right: performer, writer, editor, consultant, server, trial technician, artist, gym rat, arm-chair political pundit, philosopher, husband. And although I wore these costumes 'well' (to varying degrees of success) there was always a feeling that there was MORE inside that was yearning for expression. Something of vastness and immensity right beyond the tips of my fingers that would somehow make everything seem 'Right'.


And the answer is, indeed, YES! There is something more. For all of us. And that is what this journey is about. The journey Inward. Connecting to the Cosmic Being that we are beyond the limited day-to-day persona that we've been hypnotized into believing is our true self.


Since embarking on the Spiritual Journey, my relationships have deepened to new levels of authenticity and intimacy - whether it be with friends or family or even with the Earth itself. For real, I have never loved Trees more in my LIFE! Habits and tendencies that limited my personal growth have melted away effortlessly. Life-changing business opportunities have sprung up seemingly out nowhere in a ceaseless stream of Cosmic Serendipity. And an ever-present feeling of calm confidence has come into my life, where I was once hurt so easily by the slightest perceived injustice.


There is not a single dimension of my life that has not benefited from the deepening of my Spiritual Connection. And it feels so GOOD! I just wish I'd found it sooner.


You deserve this.


Join me in Divine Friendship as we cultivate our Higher Selves. Together we will peel away the layers of built-up psychological barriers that have impeded you from being YOUR best self. We will develop an all-encompassing Mindful Awareness that will encourage you to witness, accept, and ultimately surrender the things which no longer serve you. Peace, Bliss, Joy - these are your True Nature, and your Cosmic Birthright. And through the practices of Meditation, Energization, Healthful Living, and a pure-hearted Devotion to radiating goodness in our lives and in the lives of others, may we ourselves become Living Blessings on this Earth.