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Individuals and Small Groups

Private Coaching


Working one-on-one in a dedicated fashion is the most intensive pathway for accelerated growth.


This is reserved for people who are deeply committed to their transformation. Typically, they already value physical health as the foundation for deeper mental, emotional and spiritual work. They have done enough work to lessen the exertion of the ego that they rarely take things personally. 

They have the mental agility to not relate to any concept or belief as fixed. And they have the mental maturity to relax inside the tension of paradox until it disappears. Most importantly, they have a spirit that longs to live in continuous union with the divine. It's very likely that they have cultivated a spiritual practice and they want to go deeper.


If this feels like you or you would like it to be, then let's schedule some time to connect and see if we want to work together. 

Meditation Coaching


Meditation is the method of directing the attention inward, diving deep beyond the layers of thought and emotion to the spiritual essence that lies at the very center of our being - the real You. 


As we get more-and-more in tune with our inner reality, a sense of internal distance develops between Us and the often overwhelming situations of life in which we find ourselves. Our reliance on external stimuli to supply our happiness recedes as we learn to play the life energies coursing through our bodies like a divine instrument. We are able to summon sublime joy at any moment with a single thought. This is Freedom. This is allowing the fear-driven ego to step aside and let your intuitive soul take the wheel. This is taking your emotional welfare and your LIFE into your own hands. This is finally taking the first step toward being the You that you always knew you were destined to be. This is Meditation.


If this resonates, click to schedule meditation coaching or to learn more with Coach Gordon

Group Coaching


Freedom & Bliss is the current group coaching program. It is a 12-week program built upon the incredible power of daily routines and habits.  Classes are taught by Coach Polite, Coach Natalie, and founder, John.


It begins with having the courage to design your most ideal life. Then a purge of everything that's out of alignment with that life. In that open space, you'll build the foundation of healthy physical habits - sleep, diet, exercise, meditation.

Next, you are ready to add healthy emotional habits. These involve increasing the capacity to love and honor yourself and others.  We then focus on mental health, and go deeper into releasing identification with thoughts and feelings.

Lastly is spiritual health where you cultivate daily practices that increase your capacity to rest in union with the divine.

If this resonates, please click to learn more.

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