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Ren Perakis

Chronic Pain Management Coach


I would love to connect and learn your story! 

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My name is Ren Perakis. I am a certified life coach, language enthusiast, spirit specialist, and animal lover. With over 15 years experience in public relations, 10 years in personalized life coaching, and 7 years in résumé advisement & interview coaching. I specialize in helping people who are suffering with physical and mental pain. 


Who am I? I am a survivor. A survivor who refuses to let the myriad of what could be considered bad luck- own my life. I have been blessed with an endless supply of stubbornness that keeps me from giving up and I'd like to share that with you. Over the last 34 years I have developed a unique skill to reframe anything and bounce back from everything.


I’ve been abandoned & cheated on, beaten cancer, navigated poverty, survived sexual abuse, endured years of childhood mental abuse & brainwashing, lost my father at a young age, and recovered after committing myself due to a mental break caused by crippling anxiety & dark depression. Currently, I’m navigating the world of chronic pain after being recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoarthritis, as well as a few other conditions.


One could say I am experienced in the dance with many of the dark sides of life. Despite it all- I have found ways to not only work through it but I have found true joy, success and happiness in the every day.


You too can have this!


You may be feeling that the world out there has broken you. You may have experienced a deep-seated lack of understanding from others, endured abuse, learned of the apathy of doctors and those in power, and suffered unendurable pain. You’re probably sitting there thinking joy isn’t possible for me, my condition holds me back from success, I can’t move forward anymore.


I am here to tell you that’s not true. 


I am here for you. If you but take my hand I am reaching out- you too can become successful, discover purpose and strength you didn’t know you possessed. You too can find pure joy no matter what pain you have had to endure. Anything is possible. YOU can and will find empowerment!


Don’t let pain hold you back. Book a session with me today and let’s laugh together in the face of adversity.


Feel like your pain is also holding you back in the job market? I also offer power sessions on job allocation; including but not limited to job advancement, résumé review/writing, and interview coaching.



"Ren is an energetic young woman with a capacity to really listen to her clients in a way that will powerfully support them. She is a comfortable having difficult, honest conversations- the kind that bring about results! My personal experience of Ren is that she is willing to ask herself the same kind of questions and live in the same level of rigor that she invites her clients into. Her life is extremely congruent with her practice"


-Jane Perry Lead Coach and Trainer at Jane Perry Coaching

Check Out My Purchase a Job Acquisition Assistance Packages 

Basic Resume Review:
1 Resume Spruce Up:
Basic spruce up & formatting face lift.

Resume From Scratch:
 Resume From Scratch*
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Interview Preparation Package:
1 Interview Coaching Session (45-min)
+ Free 1 Pre-Interview Hype Session (15-min)



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Resume Overhaul:
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Resume From Scratch:
 Resume From Scratch
& Walk Through: To go over what you want included

Job Allocation Super Package:
1 Resume Overhaul/Walk Through (30-min)
OR Resume From scratch
(Documents Included)
1 Interview Coaching Session(45-min)
1 Pre-Interview Hype Session
+ Optional Outfit check 
Bonus: 7 days Of Inspirational Message


$300 (Worth $375)

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