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Zach Watson

Accountability & Goals Coach


I would love to connect and learn your story! 

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I am an accountability and goals coach passionate about working with people that have lost sight of their joy and want to start making the art in their minds exist in the world. Some of the best goals I’ve helped clients reach were publishing their poetry, beginning to post videos online, budgeting for their first homes, starting their children’s book, and getting junk out of their house.


I began writing bucket lists in 2013, setting goals and working with coaches to make things happen. My journey started by leaving my high-paying job as an engineer to start teaching, as I was no longer willing to sacrifice my fulfillment in daily work despite a $36,000 pay cut. I started reading again for the first time since 6th grade and have consumed over 100 books since then. This fueled my desire to write my own book of concepts I had cultivated and applied, titled Ideas Over Coffee. 


I found that talking about goals with my students was paramount and they needed to be setting them, too. The school administration did not approve of class time being used this way, so I took to the TEDx stage and YouTube. Of the over 700 videos I’ve made so far, my favorites include strategies for students to convince their teachers to put up pride flags in class, Rubik’s cube tutorials, vlogs from hiking trips and protests, and finally, my parody and educational rap music videos. 


In 2020, in pursuit of creating lifetime habits to pass down to my daughter, I published a gratitude journal. Endeavoring to be a role model for making art that takes me out of my comfort zone, I produced a 5-song mixtape available on streaming services. In 2021 I started taking TikTok video creation seriously and have produced over 300 videos with 7 million views. In all these pursuits, I’ve discovered that it’s not the sales or the views or the positive reviews that matter to me. I’ve made these things for the joy they bring to me; they scratch my own itch, and I don’t care if they don’t get seen, heard or sold. That joy is what I would love to help you find that in your creative endeavors.

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